8 Dec  201​​2 ​Endurance Race

​​The annual 4 hour team endurance race is fast approaching, we are now accepting entries please see 'Endurance' section of the website for details.

​6 Sep  201​​2 ​Endurance Race 2011/2012 Season Calendar !

​​​Calendar is posted in the calendar section of the website.

​5 Sep  ​Next Meeting

​​​Next race meeting 7th Oct, 12 - 4.30. Racing 1/10th touring car, 1/10th and other classes yet to be decided. Entry £5 per driver, + £2 per additional class. Check calendar for full list of dates for season.

​17 Feb  ​New Website Launch

​​​​It's been a long time coming, but with our new home I felt we were due a new website. Welcome to the new web for GRCC!! There is still a lot of tidying up todo, especially adding content but for now here it is!


​Coming Soon